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Sonoma Summer

Sonoma Summer

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Experience the flavors of the season with Sonoma Summer Tea. A delightful harmony of taste that takes you on a journey to the sun-drenched vineyards of Sonoma Valley. This elegantly blended tea promises an exquisite sipping experience, crafted for those who value pleasure and tranquility.

Sonoma Summer Tea is no ordinary beverage. It is an infusion of carefully selected ingredients - a delicate balance of sun-ripened fruits and subtly fragrant herbs, a testament to the joy and warmth of a Sonoma summer. Each sip evokes the tender notes of peach, the spirited hint of raspberry, and the serene whisper of chamomile, complemented by the mellow sweetness of honey, if you wish.

Unwind in the essence of a Sonoma summer, no matter where you are, with this artisanal tea. Embrace the rhythm of relaxation and bask in the light, rejuvenating power of our blend. It's not just a tea - it's an invitation to a beautiful summer soiree in Sonoma, wrapped in a warm, serene breeze.

Our Sonoma Summer Tea is not just about refreshing your palette, it's about indulging in an experience. So, sip back, relax, and let us transport you to a tranquil summer afternoon in Sonoma Valley.

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